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Live, Love, Dream is so happy to introduce the Kid'Sleep! Now everyone will get more sleep!

The Kid'Sleep Classic has many benefits, as a night light, wake-up indicator for young children and an alarm clock for older children. It helps young children have an understanding of when it is time to get out of bed and when it is not. It is a great tool for nighttime self regulation, and the result is that both parents and children get more sleep. When the sleeping bunny (or bear or mouse) is illuminated, the child knows that it is still bed time (or nap time), and when the awake bunny is illuminated, the child knows that it is time to get up.


Parents can set the Kid'Sleep for any time that they would like. There is also an alarm clock function. The alarm (which has a very sweet bird chirping sound followed by a rooster) can be set to go off as the awake animal is illuminated. The Kid'Sleep can be used with or without the alarm function.

The Globetrotter is a similar product that is smaller, battery operated and designed for everyday use or travel. The Globetrotter features a sleeping and awake sheep.